Hello, I'm a computer systems engineering student from Mexico!

Héctor H. Arieta

Engineering Student ( Linux lover / Pythonist / Developer )

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Gatovsky is a dedicated student pursuing a degree in Systems Engineering. Python is his favorite language and which he masters best, he performs optimally in the use of technologies such as Docker, Pulumi SDK, Bash and K8S integrated with AWS cloud services. Currently, he's actively contributing to a project named Archie where leverage his skills in infrastructure as code.

My portfolio


Cloudbuddies - Jr Cloud Engineer (Remote)2022 to present
  • Developed modules with Python using the Pulumi SDK for SaaS platforms.
  • Utilized AWS services for cloud development, including API Gateway, Lambda, ECR, EC2, S3, DynamoDB, RDS, and CloudWatch.
  • Automated processes with Bash and Docker for local development environments on Linux, Windows, and macOS systems.
  • Refactored code and maintained GitHub repositories.
  • Jinicuil - Trainee in Networking Security (Remote)2024 to present


    Bachelor's Degree in Systems Engineering
    Academic Achievements:
    • CODING ITCANCUN 2023 - Awarded first place in an internal programming competition at ITCancún, demonstrating exceptional team collaboration.
    • INNOVATEC 2023 - Developed a static website to promote the La Salsona project, which participated in the annual tecnology competition InnovaTecNM and won a place at the regional level.
    • CODING CUP TECNM 2022 - Competed in a national team competition among all technological institutes in Mexico, achieving 68th place.
    • CODING ITCANCUN 2022 - Participated in individual competitive programming at ITCancún, achieving 7th place.


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    Feel free to reach out. I welcome any inquiries or opportunities for collaboration.

    Inge Gatovsky loves cheap poems and expensive wine.